Karma Treats

karma; what we do today, will affect us in one way or another tomorrow
treats; a special and enjoyable experience

The following Karma Treats will help you feel calm and will also help create good karma for the future, as you are looking after your health and wellbeing, and being kind to yourself. You will be lying down on a warm, cosy massage couch, listening to some relaxing music and just being you and doing nothing! These are all hands-on treatments where Heather will use gentle touch to help you release stress in your body and mind.

Karma Massage

A relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage can help ease any tension or pain. Kids can often have discomfort in this area from carrying heavy school bags, poor posture, having a tilted neck from looking at a phone or a tablet for too long or just holding stress in this area. When we feel stressed, we naturally hunch up the shoulders and if we do this over a long time, it can lead to knots in our muscles, which are just waiting to be massaged away. A massage can also help with stress as a hormone is released called serotonin, which immediately makes you feel good. Once the body starts to relax, the mind can start to slow down and relax too. A gentle pressure is used with children and they love picking their choice of a scented massage wax, all of which are completely natural and vegan.

Karma Foot Reflexology

A very gentle pressure is used on the feet to help balance all the organs of the body. Foot Reflexology is a bit like a foot massage, but with a little gentle pressing, on certain areas of the foot. This pressing releases toxins and heals different parts of the body. This ancient Egyptian technique works on the basis, that the foot is a map of the body and that each area on the foot relates to a different part of the body. It feels incredibly relaxing as your foot has many nerve endings and the treatment ends with a heavenly foot massage. Reflexology can help with many things, from not being able to sleep properly to feeling tired all the time and having no energy. Whatever is out of balance, can be put back into balance. Your feet will be left feeling smooth and soft and you will feel like you are walking on air!

Karma Facial Reflexology

A much newer therapy than Foot Reflexology, Facial Reflexology works on the same idea, of pressing very gently on certain areas of the face, to begin healing different parts of the body. It feels super relaxing and is great for kids who have a lot of energy in their heads and are prone to over-thinking or worrying. The pressure is much gentler than that used on the feet and a wonderful head massage completes the treatment, leaving you feeling super calm and relaxed. This treatment is great if someone has been studying a lot, perhaps at exam times, or has sinus problems or headaches. Girls in particular, love this treatment, as the face is cleansed beforehand, so it feels like a nice pamper session, but it is suitable for both boys and girls!

Karma Reiki

Children of all ages love Reiki! There is an energy all around us and it is the same energy that we are all made up of, but we can't see it. It flows through us and keeps us alive. It can flow smoothly and when it does we feel happy and healthy. But sometimes, it can get stuck and not flow smoothly and this can leave us feeling stressed and tired, or unwell. A Reiki treatment unblocks all the stuck energy, so we can start to feel more vibrant and refreshed again. It can also help calm the mind if you have been feeling really stressed. You would remain fully clothed and Reiki comes through Heather's hands to where chakras are located. Chakras are invisible spinning wheels of energy that can be rebalanced with Reiki, so that they are functioning properly and your energy is balanced. Most people do tend to fall asleep when having a Reiki session, but that is totally fine, as our bodies do the most healing when in deep sleep. Reiki is great if you are anxious, stressed or find it difficult to switch off your body or mind.

Karma Titbits

karma; what we do today, will affect us in one way or another tomorrow
titbits; a small piece of interesting information

The following Karma Titbits sessions will help you feel calm and will also help create good karma for the future, as you will be learning tools that you can use, to help you cope better in stressful situations. You can do these techniques at any point in the day when you feel anxious, fearful, or stressed.

Karma Meditation

Many children have a natural feel for meditation, especially younger ones who are very open to trying anything new and magical. Not always in need of answers as to how it works, kids can have an edge to meditation and don't judge it in many ways that adults do. In this session, you will be given guidance on how you can begin a regular meditation practice at home. Heather will do a short guided meditation with you so you can get a feel for that inner stillness. Meditation is a great tool to find peace and balance in our hectic lives. Introducing children to this ancient, yet practical relaxation technique can help them to cope better with stress and motivate them to lead healthier lives. They can learn about loving kindness which they can develop towards others, but also towards themselves. Creating a habit of self-kindness can encourage children to look after their own needs, to stop pushing themselves to achieve more and becoming accepting of who they are. Sessions are tailor-made, depending on the age and Heather has a huge source of lovely children's meditations which will help you have a quiet mind and feel less stressed. Mum can listen too and switch off her busy mind too.

Karma Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a great way to help you feel calmer and more focused. If you are someone who is constantly going from one thing to another, finding it difficult to keep your attention on one thing, mindfulness can help you slow down and feel more relaxed. For teens who may feel a little out of control with emotions, or who may have exam stress, mindfulness can bring some relief. An ability to focus the mind will be useful for all children, of any school age, so they can learn to focus on one thing at a time and not feel overwhelmed or under pressure. Mindfulness will be taught by Heather in a way that is suited to each child differently. For example, with younger children, some mindfulness games will help focus the mind and at the same time have an element of fun. With older children, a mindful body scan or a breathing technique might be the best way. Sessions are light-hearted and fun and Mum can join in too, as everyone can benefit from mindfulness.

Karma Movement

Our bodies are linked to our minds. When our mind feels stressed, our bodies feel this too. Over time, this could build up to tension and pain in the body. A regular massage is great for this, but you can also practice movement exercises at home, to ensure the energy is moving around your body, flushing out any stress or negative charge. Heather will teach you some movements, similar to yoga postures, that will encourage your body to feel balanced and energised. All sessions will be tailor-made as all our bodies are different. Karma Movement is very much based in mindfulness, in that you will develop things like patience, letting go of worrying thoughts, kindness for your body and learning how to just be, rather than rushing about doing things all the time. Just 'being' is great for our relaxation. We slow down our body movements, we slow down our thoughts, we find stillness and we feel relaxed and calmer. It's also nice to have a good old stretch and Mum can join in too.

Karma Relaxation

Karma Relaxation is to teach you how to relax. Sounds simple? But relaxing is actually becoming more and more difficult for everyone. We lead such busy lives, spending a huge amount of time on technology, that it can be quite difficult to relax, switch off our brains at night and get ready for sleep. The stress we put on ourselves as human beings too, can filter down to children as they try their best to perform well at school, in sports, in after-school activities or just trying to fit into society. Life is like a speed train and we very rarely make time to relax. Heather will teach you key kills, which will help slow down your whole bodily system and encourage everything to relax. If we don't relax enough, we can feel stressed a lot of the time and this can have a negative impact on our health. Stress increases our heart rate, makes our immune system not function effectively, and we might become unwell a lot more, than if we were chilled out. Good karma creation will be happening here as we learn new habits such as:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Journalling
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Self-massage
Karma Mind Master

Karma Mind Master is about learning to be in charge of your own thoughts. Why is this so important? Well, we are so busy each day doing lots of stuff, that we can function a bit like automatic pilot on an airplane. We don't really take much notice of our thoughts, or what is going around us. We just float along in life and may find ourselves doing things that we didn't even particularly want to be doing. This is because we are not really truly aware of the power that we have within us. We can be masters of our own universe and create what we really want in our own lives. And we do this by using our mind. Heather wants to teach everyone self-mastery tools, that can help you become aware of how you can use your mind and thoughts to create anything you desire. She will teach you some of the following principles, which Mum can listen in too, so together you can make your dreams come true. This is creating good karma at it's very best!

  • Positive Affirmations
  • Visualisation
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Gratitude
Karma Tapping

Karma Tapping is a powerful tool that speaks to our subconscious (the part of the mind that stores all our emotions, beliefs and memories) and it is also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques or E.F.T. It is a bit like acupuncture but with no needles and feels very relaxing. It works by tapping gently on meridian points or energy pathways, which are located around the face and on the hand. Tapping is done by Heather or, if you prefer, you can be shown the tapping points and tap on yourself. Tapping can be used to release old stuff, so things from early childhood that might be holding you back, such as fears or trauma, can be very gently released. It is a great tool to help with negative feelings such as anger, frustration or feeling stressed. It can also help with fears and phobias. You will be shown how to do it at home and you then have this as a tool for when you begin to feel anxious, fearful or overwhelmed.

Karma Packages

The following packages are 1 hour and are tailored to meet the relaxation needs of children who have specific difficulties and challenges.

Anxiety Package

Anxiety can manifest itself in the form of many things such as a fast-beating heart, feeling scared, a lack of confidence, no appetite, poor sleep, feeling tired all the time, feeling sad, worrying too much and panic attacks. Anxiety is a constant state of worry about what will happen next, often thinking the worst. Our minds rule our lives when we suffer with anxiety and our bodies often feel very tense. A Karma Treat will help you feel calm. It increases dopamine, which is known as the happy hormone, so we start to feel good. Also released, is another hormone called oxytocin, which makes us feel less stressed. All of the Karma Treats can allow your body to start to relax, your mind to begin to slow down and will invite relaxation in. Karma Titbits will give you the guidance you need, to help manage symptoms of anxiety. The key to helping anxiety, is to try to stop the mind going off to the future and to stay in the present moment. When the mind is in the now, it can't be in the future or the past, so it can't go down the anxiety path. This takes time, but once you start making a positive habit of creating good thoughts and feeling empowered with Karma tools, you will be on the right path to reducing your anxiety symptoms and creating good karma for life.

ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Package

Children on the Autism Spectrum can benefit hugely from relaxation treatments. The world can often feel overwhelming and relating to other people can be difficult, making school, family and home life more challenging. Anxiety is often part of daily life for kids with Autism and the hope is that holistic therapy can help children stay on the lower slopes of anxiety and avoid escalating to something bigger. Heather will discuss with yourself and Mum to see which treatments and guidance will help the most. Sessions will be structured slightly with a 30 minute Karma Treat and a 30 minute Karma Titbits session, all of which are detailed above. Choose from a Karma Treat which will help your body release any tension, your mind become calm and give you a sense of feeling good about yourself. Karma Titbits are bits of information to empower you and Mum, with helpful tools to use when you might feel overwhelmed, angry, restless or you might shut down and want to escape from the world. The result is that you can feel much calmer inside, when it feels like the outside world around you, is going crazy.

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Package

The slow, focused and calming aspects of relaxation treatments will have a very positive effect on children with ADHD, who may often feel impulsive, unfocused, hyperactive or restless. Insufficient sleep can also have a detrimental effect on children with ADHD and they may have trouble switching off at night. Karma Treats will help in the short-term, with most people reporting that they have much better sleep on the night after a treatment. Relaxation advice and guidance in the Karma Titbits sessions can help in the long-term, as new habit patterns are created to establish good relaxation, which is beneficial for a good night's sleep. Karma Treats also increase a special hormone in the body called oxytocin, which will help you feel calm, relaxed and less anxious. Heather will discuss with yourself and Mum, to see which treatments and guidance will help the most. Sessions will be structured slightly, with a 30 minute Karma Treat and a 30 minute Karma Titbits session. Karma Treats will help you feel relaxed, switch off your active mind and make you feel calm. Karma Titbits are bits of information to empower you and Mum, with helpful tools to use when you might feel restless, unfocused or fidgety.

Karma Prices

All Karma Treats and Karma Titbits sessions are 30 minutes each and are £20 each.

You can combine any Karma Treats and any Karma Titbits to make a longer session:
1 hour is £40, 90 minutes is £60, 2 hours is £80.

Karma Packages are 1 hour and are £40. Sessions consist of a Karma Treat and a Karma Titbits session, specially created for each individual person.

Mum will need to also attend the session and wait in the same room, which is super comfortable and relaxing, so she can feel the healing energy too.

Heather likes to encourage all clients to attend sessions at Karma Kids Sanctuary. There is a very special energy to her treatment area and she feels that people will benefit from coming to this relaxing space. Please see picture below.

Karma Mums

Mums are often, very much in need of holistic therapy too. The emotional wellbeing of carers and parents of any children, in particular those with additional needs, can be very unstable. Parents can literally be on an emotional roller-coaster from the minute they wake up, to the minute their head hits the pillow at night. Juggling work, home life and looking after children, can often lead to Mum having little or no 'me-time'. Holistic therapy equals self-care and this is vitally important to keep your emotional and mental wellbeing in a good place, so that you can meet the needs of those who need you. Being kind to yourself, as a parent, will encourage your children to be kind to themselves too and practice good self-care. Please visit Heather's other company www.sanctuaryhomehealing.co.uk for lots of lovely holistic treats to help Mum feel relaxed too.

Karma Kids Sanctuary
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